Second Chance Checking Banks & Credit Unions in District of Columbia

A Free Second Chance Checking Account at BBVA Compass is Available in District of Columbia!

If you are looking for a fresh start checking account, consider BBVA Compass ClearConnect. ATM use is free, and you receive a personalized Visa debit card for your purchases. You may use online and mobile banking to search through your transactions, monitor your account activity and balance, transfer money, pay bills, and more.

There are two types of BBVA Compass account: regular and second chance. The regular account is free if you are approved. If you are declined, you will be offered the option of opening the second chance checking account instead. The fee for this account is $13.95, and it includes all the same great features you would get with the regular account. After establishing a relationship with the bank, you may be offered an upgrade to regular account status.

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Features & Benefits

No Monthly Charges

BBVA Compass includes no fees and no monthly service charges

Free ATMs

Withdraw cash at 55,000 AllPoint® and BBVA Compass ATMs with NO fees

Bad Credit? No Problem

If you do not qualify for a regular account, you will be offered a Second Chance Checking account with no restrictions and all the regular features

Fresh Start for Everyone

BBVA Compass does not use ChexSystems, TeleCheck, etc. to verify new customers. Everyone can open an account!

It’s been easy to budget my money and pay my bills with the online banking features with my second chance account. It’s also a relief not having to worry about ATM fees. Only drawback is the monthly fee on my account, but I’ve been with BBVA a while now and they said I’ll be able to have a regular fee-free account with them soon.

Mike Klempner
BBVA Compass Customer

Open Your Checking Account Today in Just 3 Steps

Apply online in minutes and make your initial deposit

You’re just 5 minutes away from opening a new checking account! Simply fill out your information and make your initial $25 deposit. You can use your credit card to deposit funds, or direct deposit. You can also transfer money from a different account.

Set up online banking once your personalized Visa card arrives in the mail

Within a week, your ClearConnect personalized Visa card will arrive in the mail. Once you receive it, simply download the BBVA Compass app and you will be ready to bank online on your home or mobile device.

Enjoy banking!

You can now use your Visa card and checking account to make purchases online and offline. Using the online banking features, you can easily transfer money, monitor your accounts, withdraw or transfer funds, or pay bills. You’ll be back to managing your finances with ease!

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